High-Performance Under Pressure

The Link Between IT and Business Performance

What role should IT departments play to help high-performance businesses succeed in times of economic uncertainty?

In an ideal world, all employees in an enterprise have the same goals. In reality, of course, the different departments have their own survival foremost in their minds. Accounting, like IT, and HR or indeed any “purely internal” function - has a pursuit of its own, which can be pursued in any environment.

What makes the IT department different from some other functions, like Sales or Logistics or Health And Safety departments, is the sad fact that management mostly understands what sales is about, and grasps the essentials of accounting quite clearly - but really doesn’t want to be told what the computer experts are doing, or why. Especially in hard times, it’s all too easy for management to view IT and the network purely as a cost centre.

Juniper Networks commissioned research to investigate the link between IT and business performance. Conducted in April 2008, the research polled opinions from over 300 heads of IT in large enterprises across the UK, France and Germany. Some of the relevant findings are outlined in this white paper.

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