Softek was founded in April 2000, as a subsidiary of the former Amdahl Corporation. With support from a world-class financial syndicate, and led by Chief Executive Officer Steven Murphy, Softek opened its doors for the first time as an independent corporation in April 2004.

Today, Softek is one of the largest privately held, multi-product, independent storage management software companies in the world. Our software tools are recognized as the "gold standard" for data mobility -- and we're setting the bar higher, for ourselves and our competition, with every new product innovation and technology upgrade. More than 800+ companies within the Global 2000 use Softek Nonstop Data Mobility™ solutions to reduce the risks, costs and complexity of managing data storage. At Softek, our approach is as practical as it is elegant. We provide a simple and unified approach to moving live data – over any distance, regardless of server platform or storage array vendor – that reduces costs, minimizes unplanned downtime, and helps companies satisfy critical SLA mandates. Our primary focus is to help our customers keep their applications up and running 365/24/7. And it must be working because Softek remains the migration vendor of choice of the world's major technology providers, representing 60% of Fortune 1000 companies.

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