Swivel token-less solution delivers 40% cost saving

Secure Remote Access solution increases efficiency

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Secure Remote Access solution increases efficiency

The East London NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist mental health trust. It delivers a range of community-based and in-patient services right across the spectrum from children to the elderly.

Upon formation, the Trust’s vision was firstly to increase the efficiency of health care provision, and secondly, to deliver more of its mental health services to patients directly within the community, placing each individual in greater control of their own treatment. To facilitate this change and achieve greater efficiency, the Trust had to find a way to support more flexible working practices. Giving employees access to Trust systems and information resources from a variety of locations - at another healthcare or local authority site, from home, or on the road - would deliver the required increase in productivity. If these employees could access any nonclinical system they needed from any location, rather than having to return from meetings to a Trust site in order to use them, they would be much more efficient and more effective in helping the trust deliver improved services to patients.

To find the solution and deliver the highest possible level of security, East London NHS Foundation Trust approached IT solutions company, Eurodata Systems, who recommended and implemented the highly robust SSL VPN technology; the Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) solution from Microsoft and incorporated Swivel Secure’s patented IAG network security technology, PINsafe.

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Publiziert: 01.02.11 | Swivel Secure Ltd