Secure Data Storage - An overview of storage technology

Long-term archiving from extensive data supplies requires more then only big storage capacity to be economical. Different requirements need different solutions.
A technology comparison repays.

Audit-compliant storage of large amounts of data is a key task in the modern business world. It is a mistake to see this task merely as a matter of storage technology. Instead, companies must take account of essential strategic and economic parameters as well as legal regulations. Often one single technology alone is not sufficient to cover all needs. Thus storage management is seldom a question of one solution verses another, but a combination of solutions to achieve the best possible result.

This can frequently be seen in the overly narrow emphasis in many projects on hard disk-based solutions, an approach that is heavily promoted in advertising, and one that imprudently neglects the considerable application benefits of optical storage media (as well as those of tape-based solutions). This overly simplistic perspective has caused many professional users, particularly in the field of long-term archiving, to encounter unnecessary technical difficulties and economic consequences. Even a simple energy efficiency analysis would provide many users with helpful insights. Within the ongoing energy debate there is a simple truth: it is one thing to talk about ‘green IT’, but finding and implementing a solution is a completely different matter.

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