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Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers

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Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers

The wide-area network optimization controller market is maturing rapidly, but remains dynamic, with a high level of innovation from vendors.

Optimization techniques for wide-area networks (WANs) can improve most organizations’ application response times, particularly where network latency is high, which is often due to centralization of servers and IT resources. Typically, WAN optimization controllers (WOCs) serve to prevent network latency having a severe impact on the performance of applications and underlying protocols. Through data reduction and prioritization techniques, WOCs can also help organizations avoid costly bandwidth upgrades.

The WOC market is maturing rapidly, but it is still dynamic with a high level of vendor innovation. This has led to different vendors offering different combinations of features. So, before choosing a vendor, ensure that you understand the applications and services running on your network and the protocols they use. Also, conduct a detailed analysis of your network traffic to identify specific problems (for example, excessive latency, bandwidth oversubscription or lack of prioritization for certain types of traffic). Finally, insist on a real-life trial before committing to any purchase. Performance measurement and service-level agreement (SLA) reporting are other features that are well-aligned to WOCs and that vendors can add to increase value. At present, WOC capabilities are largely delivered by dedicated equipment, usually purchased by the user organization.

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Publiziert: 20.06.11 | Silver Peak Systems GmbH / Silver Peak