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Key Criteria in Selecting an Enterprise Solution

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Key Criteria in Selecting an Enterprise Solution

Laptops and desktops, once forgotten corporate information assets, now need to be centrally protected and secured.

Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the priority that enterprise firms give to protection of data on workstations, desktops, and laptops. Traditionally, the protection of data on laptop and desktop assets has not been performed by an IT organization, if at all. One approach was for resource-constrained IT organizations to rely upon end users to copy data to network shares. But any manual IT task left to a user to perform runs the risk of not getting done. Another option was making use of folder-level synchronization between a user’s local files/directories and a centralized file server. Lastly, many users created their own backups, burning their local data to removable media (Zip, CD, DVD, Flash), which increased the risk of potential compromise. Each approach caused a unique set of challenges, from nonexistent backups and thus nonrecoverable data to lack of centralized control and inconsistent policy enforcement.

This paper looks at the need for laptop and desktop data protection and, based upon recent IDC research, the key requirements firms should consider in evaluating enterprise-level online PC backup solutions.

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Publiziert: 20.07.10 | Iron Mountain Digital