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How to Categorize PC Online Backup and Recovery Providers

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How to Categorize PC Online Backup and Recovery Providers

In order, to better achieve corporate objectives for workforce productivity and regulatory compliance, IT professionals are increasingly looking to online backup and recovery services.

This whitepaper helps IT professionals distinguish between these categories of service providers. The scope, strengths and weaknesses of each type of online backup and recovery service provider are characterized with respect to the current and forward-looking requirements of companies looking to protect distributed data. Summary tables provide checklists of the essentials for successful data protection, and include an overview of how each category of service provider addresses these requirements.

A special section considers the role service providers play in supporting the IT professional’s strategic projects and programs to achieve corporate compliance objectives. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different categories of service providers can help businesses clarify their distributed data protection requirements - and better align their selection criteria with their productivity and strategic business goals.

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Publiziert: 20.07.10 | Iron Mountain Digital