Email Archiving Implementation

Five Costly Mistakes to Avoid

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Five Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Email Archiving is an essential new messaging application for managing email data and a potentially costly application to implement.

Email Archiving for Microsoft Exchange is an essential new messaging application for driving down the cost of managing email messages for corporate governance, litigation support, and regulatory compliance. Across many industries, organizations are facing difficult and costly demands to search and retrieve email records while at the same time improving service to end users. Early adopters of email archiving,most notably from the fi nancial services industry, were forced by regulatory pressure to adopt email archive solutions rather quickly and without the benefit of having any prior experience. What these early adopters found was that email archiving can be a very expensive application to deploy and manage if certain steps are not taken. The good news is that with several years of hindsight, it is now possible to draw upon this experience and avoid costly installation mistakes.

This whitepaper will describe five key areas of email archiving implementation, drawing upon real world examples and experiences, to explore all the important issues that can impact total cost. In each situation, alternatives will be presented that if adopted can help reduce installation and maintenance costs.

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Publiziert: 20.07.10 | Iron Mountain Digital